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Day Five: Your favorite Slender Man-related text blog.

Seeking Truth I mean wat.

I have two. And I’ll do what I did yesterday for today.

Dreams in Darkness circle of blogs: Come on. It’s Dreams in Darkness. It’s got vivid imagery, terrific atmosphere and a couple plot twists that actually throw you for a loop. Slender Man feels like a constant threat, the pacing is great, the cult backstory feels like it’s part of the story and not shoehorned in. What’s not to like? Dislikes…I got nothing.

Make it Count: I don’t need to say much here either. I love this blog. It has characters you actually care about, a hell of a great Slender Man appearance towards the beginning, and it has a unique twist in that Slender Man is not actually after Celeste herself, which I like because it definitely has that “on the outside looking in” feel that I wanted to do during Seeking Truth’s run in the beginning. Plus she’s a strong protagonist, not just cowering in fear. Dislikes, that she doesn’t update ¬†as much as she should :P

If you haven’t read Make it Count or Dreams in Darkness, either A.) You live in a place that doesn’t have a good internet connection, or B.) you need to go and read them right now.